Jeff Morgan ~ Bassjedi




Bass Performance: Live/ Studio Gigs, Production, Consulting

From Live gigs to Studio work, Bass Production,  Tones, Equipment Setup or whatever there is No situation I haven't encountered!


Live Sound: Professional F.O.H / Monitor Sound Engineer

I began Running Live Sound at age 10! Have mixed in every environment you can imagine with some of the worlds "Worst and Best" PA Systems. Previously employed at McCauley Sound my knowledge of Live Audio Mixing, System Setup/Tear down, the Signal Chain, Trouble Shooting and a Professional Attitude makes for a wonderful "Live" experience.  


Studio Sound: Professional Recording/Mixing Engineer

With 20+ Years in Studio Engineering I'm Experienced with both Analog and Digital Recording formats. From small 8 track productions to 56+ Track Monsters I have worked in 100's of Studios recording all styles of music. A List of References can be supplied upon request.


Audio Consulting: Bands, Venues, Studios, Rehearsal Spaces

If you're a Band with an Audio Problem, Bad Rehearsal Space, or you're getting the Band ready to Perform / Record. To A Studio or Venue/Club who's Designing, Remodeling, Trouble Shooting or Upgrading your space. My expertise will leave you educated, fulfilled and ready to take your Passion to the next level!


Bass Instruction: All Levels, All Styles

Pretty Explanatory! I've had the pleasure to learn from and teach some of the Greatest Players in the world! An Alumni of Victor Wootens Bass/Nature Camp 2003, Uncontained Sound Clinician since 2009, Master Class Instructor, Bass Odyssey Events and many more, I'm just passing on the Bass Torch!


Instruments: Repairs, Modifications, Custom Designs and Manufacturing

Owner and Operator of Infinity Guitar Shoppe for over 20 years and Designer/Builder of All my Instruments. No Repair or Modification is to Large or complex!


Music Production: Writing, Arranging, Composing, Production

I LOVE Music! When working for or with other Artists as Producer, Arranger, or Composer my focus is "Your" vision of "Your" music. “My Goal" is “Appropriate” Pre Production, finding the right recording environment and getting “You” the Artist in the best physical and mental condition to capture the Performance, Production, Attitude and Sound of your Music!


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